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Please note that although we are happy to accept orders for photos we may struggle to get them processed and delivered during the busiest parts of the racing season, as the magazine has to take first priority in our limited spare time. Thank you for your patience!

If any personal photos end up in our galleries that you would prefer not to be on view, please contact us through the link above and we'll get them removed as soon as possible.

Autograss and more ......
Photo Galleries 2014

We're sorry that our workload over the last few months hasn't given us time to complete the sorting and uploading of all our photo galleries. As long as nobody gives us any more jobs to do, we'll be clearing the backlog as quickly as possible. At the moment we have yet to upload:

UKAC Round 1 Stroud
Scarborough Stock Hatch Nationals
St Neots Bob Robins Memorial
RTS English Championships
Nationals (but the link below will take you to Andrea's pics)Ladies' & Juniors' Nationals (another link to Andrea's pics)

We'll strike meetings off this list as we get them finished.  We also apologise for the quality of a lot of our photos from this summer - we hope you'll notice an improvement after we replaced our dust ravaged lenses in August. Thanks for your patience!

Invicta Kent October 5

Pennine October 5

Rolling Thunder Show September 28

East Anglian Open 2014

Pennine September 21

UKAC Finals - Stroud

Rolling Thunder Show September 13

West Waterford Super Weekend

Ladies & Juniors Nationals 2014

AIAS Final Carlow

Ballyshannon Hot Rod Club Aug 17

Pennine August 17

SEGTO Finals & RTS August 9

BAS Round 4 - South Wales

Autograss Nationals 2014

Araglin Carnival July 27

Camphire Horse Trials July 26

AIAS Round 3 - Cork

Pennine July 20

 SEGTO Round 2 - Tongham

Rolling Thunder Show July 12

BAS Round 3 - Stroud

Bob Robins Memorial - St Neots

AIAS Round 2 - West Waterford

Pennine June 29

Lydden Hill June 21/22

BAS Round 2 - Cwmdu

UKAC Round 2 - Norton Radstock

Stock Hatch Nationals - Scarborough

Nottingham June 15

Causeway June 7/8

Pennine June 8

All Ireland Round 1 - Down

South of England Championship

Middle of England Championship

Central Scotland May 17/18

North Shropshire May 18

SEGTO Round 1 Horndean

Rolling Thunder Show May 10

Leewood May 4/5

UKAC Round 1 Stroud

BAS Round 1 Scunthorpe

Cambridge April 27

York Easter Monday

Central Scotland Easter Sunday

Bredon Hill Easter Sunday

Invicta Kent April 13

Pennine April 13

St Neots April 6

Rolling Thunder Show March 30

York March 23

Rolling Thunder Show March 16

Pennine March 16

Nottingham March 9

Standlake Arena March 2

Scunthorpe Practice Day

Race Retro 2014

The Oval Racing Expo 2014

Autosport International 2014

Mallow FunSprint January 1

If an event you're interested in in shown as "coming soon" we're sorry - it means we have so many photos that we haven't yet had time to sort them by class and create the web galleries. If any other links don't work, please tell us because it will probably be something that's easily fixed!

Photo Galleries 2013

Rolling Thunder Show December 1

Standlake Arena November 17

Rolling Thunder Show November 10

Nottingham November 3

Northampton November 2

Grimley Raceway October 27

Nottingham October 20

Coventry Stadium October 19

Cambridge October 6

Pennine October 6

BAS final Scunthorpe

Invicta Kent September 22

Pennine September 22

UKAC final North Wales

BAS Severn Valley

All Ireland Finals 2013

Ladies & Juniors Nationals 2013

Fastest Man on Grass 2013

Border Counties Festival 2013

Rolling Thunder Show August 24

Ballyshannon August 17/18

Southern League UKAC Round 4

Cambridge August 11

Pennine August 11

SEGTO Championship Final @ RTS

Nationals 2013

Cork July 27/28

Araglin Carnival July 21

Pennine July 21

Tongham Motor Club July 14

Rolling Thunder Show July 13

BAS York

Causeway Opening Meeting

Bob Robins Memorial

All Ireland Round 2 - Down

North Shropshire June 30

Trent June 23

Lydden Hill June 15-16

BAS Cwmdu

Ludlow June 9

Rolling Thunder Show June 8

All Ireland Round 1 Carlow

Severn Valley Summer Showdown

Concord May 27

Invicta Kent May 26

Nottingham May 26

Rolling Thunder Show May 25

Sturton & Stow May 19

Pennine May 19

St Neots May 12

Rolling Thunder Show May 11

Leewood May 5 & 6

UKAC Bredon Hill

BAS South Wales

Invicta Kent April 28

Rolling Thunder Show April 27

Cambridge April 21

Standlake Arena April 14

Pennine April 14

Rolling Thunder Show April 13

Spalding April 7

Severn Valley April 7

Grimley Raceway April 1

South Wales League April 1

West Wales League March 31

Rolling Thunder Show March 30

Standlake Arena March 24

Nottingham March 10

South Wales League March 10

Standlake Arena March 3

Scunthorpe Practice Day

Oval Racing Expo 2013

Autosport International 2013

Heavy Metal Classic 2013

Photo Galleries 2012

Ballinkillen December 30

Standlake Arena December 2

Rolling Thunder Show November 24

Standlake Arena November 18

Rolling Thunder Show November 17

Rolling Thunder Show November 10

Nottingham November 4

Northampton November 3

Scunthorpe Speedway October 27

Nottingham October 21

Scunthorpe October 14

Pennine October 14

Tongham October 7

Nottingham September 30

Rolling Thunder Show Sept 29

Carlow Irish Grand Prix

Ballyshannon Hot Rod Club

STAR BAS Round 4

East Anglian Open 2012

Pennine September 16

All Ireland Finals 2012

Ladies' & Juniors' Nationals 2012

Fastest Man on Grass 2012

West Midland Open 2012

Central Scotland August 18/19

Bredon Hill BAS

Solway Grassfest August 2012

Pennine August 12


North Wales July 29

Rolling Thunder Show July 28

Cork July 21-22

Pennine Keith Kent Memorial

Scunthorpe BAS - COMING SOON

Bob Robins Memorial 2012

Standlake Arena July 8

Stock Hatch Nationals 2012

Radford July 1

Spalding June 24

Rolling Thunder Show June 23

Cambridge June 17

Pennine June 17


Stoke Speedway June 5

Tullyroan Oval June 2

AIAS Round 1 - Down

Severn Valley June 3-4

Ballymena Showgrounds June 1

Invicta Kent May 27

Nottingham May 27

Scunthorpe May 26

Scottish Open May 20

Ludlow May 20

Cowdenbeath Racewall May 19

Stoke Speedway May 19

Carlow May 13

Abram May 13

Bishopscourt Circuit May 12

Ballymena Showgrounds May 11

Yorkshire Dales May 7

Leewood May 6

Rolling Thunder Show April 28

South Wales April 22

Cwmdu April 15

Pennine April 15

Rolling Thunder Show April 14

Hereford Easter 2012

Scunthorpe April 8

St Neots April 1

Severn Valley April 1

Rolling Thunder Show March 31

Radford March 25

Penhow March 25

Severn Valley March 18

Evesham March 18

Rolling Thunder Show March 17

Nottingham March 11

Standlake Arena February 26

Coventry Stadium February 25

Race Retro February 24-26

Standlake Arena February 12

Oval Racing Expo 2012

Autosport International 2012

Stoke January 2

Photo Galleries 2011

Standlake Arena December 4

Rolling Thunder Show November 26

Standlake Arena November 20

Blyton Rallycross November 13

Rolling Thunder Show November 12

Nottingham November 6

Standlake Arena November 6

Northampton November 5

Scarborough October 30

Scunthorpe Speedway October 29

St Neots October 23

Standlake Arena October 23

NASA-SEGTO Challenge Horndean

Evesham October 16

NASA-SEGTO Challenge Invicta

Pennine October 9

South Somerset Grand Prix

North Wales October 2

East Anglian Open 2011

Standlake Arena September 25

Sturton & Stow BAS Finals 2011

All Ireland Finals 2011

Standlake Arena September 11

Ladies' & Juniors' Nationals

Fastest Man on Grass

Standlake Arena August 29

Border Counties Festival

Central Scotland August 20-21

Cowdenbeath August 20

BAS Round 4 - WASA

Stoke Speedway August 16

Scarborough Dash for Cash

Pennine August 14

National Championships 2011

Bredon Hill - King of the Hill

North Wales July 31

Rolling Thunder Show July 30

Cork July 23/24

Forest of Dean July 24

Araglin Carnival 2011

BAS Round 3 - Javelin Park

AIAS Round 2 - Down

Bob Robins Memorial - St Neots

SEGTO Pavement Challenge

Pennine July 3

Concord July 2

Cumberland Open 2011

Horndean (SEGTO) June 19

Coventry Stadium June 18

BAS Round 2 - York

Stock Hatch Nationals

AIAS Round 1 - Down

MAP Open 2011

Nuttscorner Oval June 4

Ballymena Raceway June 3

North of England Championship

Severn Valley May 29

Carlow May 22

Down Autograss May 21

Nottingham May 22

Scottish Open 2011

Sturton & Stow May 15

Cowdenbeath Racewall May 14

St Neots May 8

Pennine May 8

Stu Nicholls Memorial 2011

Leewood May 1

West Wales BAS Round 1

York Easter Monday 2011

Hereford Easter 2011

Northampton Good Friday 2011

Cambridge April 17

North Wales April 17

Invicta Kent April 10

Pennine April 10

Rolling Thunder Show April 9

St Neots April 3

Scunthorpe April 3

Nottingham March 27

Yorkshire Dales March 27

Rolling Thunder Show March 26

Evesham March 20

Pennine March 20

Rolling Thunder Show March 19

Nottingham March 13

Standlake Arena February 27

Coventry Stadium February 26

Race Retro 2011

Standlake Arena 2011 Opener

The Oval Racing Expo 2011

Autosport International 2011

Heavy Metal Classic 2011

2010 gallery index

Our next events ......

We hope to be attending the following events in the coming weeks, time and weather permitting, but our schedule is constantly changing. This year various clashing commitments look as though they'll keep us away from a lot of venues that we want to visit, so we'll grab whatever opportunities we can.


January 1

Mallow FunSprint - Watergrasshill ü


January 9-12

Autosport International ü


January 18-19

The Oval Racing Expo - Arena Essex ü


February 16

Standlake Arena    NASA committee meetings!


February 23

Scunthorpe Practice Day ü


March 2

Standlake Arena ü


March 9

Nottingham ü


March 16

Rolling Thunder Show - Arena Essex ü


March 23

Radford York ü


March 30

Rolling Thunder Show - Arena Essex ü


April 6

St Neots ü


April 13

Invicta ü


April 20/21

Central Scotland  ü

York ü


April 27

Cambridge ü


May 3/4/5

UKAC Javelin Park (Saturday) ü

Leewood (Sunday/Monday)ü


May 10/11

Rolling Thunder Show - Arena Essex ü

SEGTO Championship Round 1 - Horndean ü


May 17/18

Mallow (cancelled) Central Scotland ü


May 25/26

Invicta (cancelled)

South of England Championship - Concord ü


May 31/June 1

All Ireland Round 1 - Down ü


June 7/8

Causeway ü


June 14/15

Stock Hatch Nationals - Scarborough ü


June 21/22

Rolling Thunder Show/SEGTO - Lydden Hill ü


June 28/29

All Ireland Round 2 - West Waterford  ü


July 5/6

Bob Robins Memorial - St Neots  ü


July 12/13

Rolling Thunder Show - Arena Essex  ü

SEGTO Championship Round 2 - Tongham ü


July 19/20

All Ireland Round 3 - Cork  ü


July 27

Araglin Carnival  ü


August 2/3

National Championships - St Florence  ü


August 9

SEGTO Championship Round 3 - Arena Essex  ü


August 17

Ballyshannon Hot Rod Club - Kildare  ü


August 23/24

All Ireland Final - Carlow ü


August 30/31

Ladies' & Juniors' Nationals - Magor ü


September 6/7

Super Grass Weekend - West Waterford ü


September 13/14

Rolling Thunder Show - Arena Essex ü

UKAC Final - Trent


September 20/21

East Anglian Open - St Neots ü


September 28

Rolling Thunder Show - Arena Essex ü


October 5

Invicta ü


October 12

St Neots


October 18/19

Coventry Stadium

Nottingham Winter Series OR Cambridge


October 26

Rolling Thunder Show - Arena Essex


November 2

Nottingham Bonfire Meeting


November 8/9

Northampton Stadium

Rolling Thunder Show - Arena Essex


November 16

Standlake Arena


November 30

Rolling Thunder Show - Arena Essex NASA AGM!


December 28



We're not sure if we'll actually make all the above events, but we intend to try! If your club's not listed for a visit we might still appear if our schedule changes. Obviously we can't get to every club in the year but you can help us by making sure your club sends us meeting results and other news.

For any photographers attending meetings not on our schedule, we'll be happy to include links to your own galleries.